How to get a Malaysia tourist visa for Indians Online

If travel is on your mind and you are looking for some fantastic places to visit in South-east Asia, I feel Malaysia is a great option. Malaysia has great infrastructure, extremely affordable, mild weather and some really cool heritage site. If you are traveling from India, the flights are frequent and it is relatively close in terms of distance. The next big question is on the Malaysia tourist visa process for Indians and this is what I will address here.

What Does A Tourist Visa To Malaysia Means?

A Malaysia tourist visa for Indians is a visa which lets a person visit any place inside Malaysia for the purpose of sightseeing, tourism, and leisure. You cannot conduct any kind of business on a tourist visa. However, you can appear for an interview for a job application. You also cannot stay beyond the visa expiration time in the country which will lead to your deportation out of Malaysia.

In What Ways Can You Apply For A Tourist Visa For Malaysia?

You can apply for the Malaysia tourist visa in the form of eNTRI, eVisa (Single and Multiple entries) which can be done online or by the physical visa application process through Vfs or any other agent.

Is Visa On Arrival Available In Malaysia For Indians?

Malaysia tourist Visa on arrival for Indians is not available in case you are traveling directly from India. You will not be granted entry in Malaysia and you will have to take a self-sponsored flight to another destination. Malaysia tourist Visa on arrival for Indians is applicable only if you are arriving from Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia but you must hold a valid visa of that country.

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The charges for VOA, in this case, would be $100 and you also need to carry printed documents of your return flight, accommodation and a bank statement for sufficient funds of at least $1000 per person to sustain your trip. The validity of the VOA is only 7 days post which you need to exit the country.

What Is The Difference Between eNTRI And eVISA For Malaysia For Indians?

If you are an Indian residing in India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei and want to visit Malaysia for tourism purpose for less than 15 days, you can apply for eNTRI. It is a single entry visa.

If you are an Indian residing in India or anywhere in the world and want to visit Malaysia for tourism purpose for more than 15 days and less than 30 days, you should apply for an eVisa. If you want to enter Malaysia multiple times during your visit, you can apply for a multiple entry visa with 30 days of stay period each time.

Different Types Of Malaysian EVisa With Costs

Name of VisaMalaysian eNTRI visa30 days Single entry eVisa30 days Multiple entry eVisa
Total days of stay15 days only30 days30 days on every entry
Validity of visa from the time of application90 days90 days90 days
Visa fees (USD)21.545100
Number of EntriesSingle Entry OnlySingle Entry OnlyMultiple Entry
You can Enter fromIndia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, BruneiAny CountryAny country
Days before application1 to 2 working days2 to 7 working days2 to 7 working days

Additionally, for eVisa, you will have to pay a processing fee depending on the processing time you are looking at as below.

Processing typeCosteNTRIeVisa
Standard processing35 USD1 business day3 business day
Rush processing65 USD3 hours2 business day
Super Rush processing85 USD30 minutes24 hours

How To Apply For Malaysian eVisa Or eNTRI For Indians

The easiest way to get a Malaysia tourist visa for Indians is through applying it online on their official website here ( There are many fake websites for Malaysian visa and they all look similar and claim to be official. Do not apply anywhere else. You can also speak to a travel agent but beware of the exponential charges quoted by such agencies.


Below is the list of documents required for eNTRI/eVisa to be uploaded during the time of application:

  1. Flight tickets: You need to have confirmed flight tickets to Malaysia and back or onwards for the application. If you are hopping cities in Malaysia and have booked flights for the same, include them and compile in a single pdf document.
  2. Hotel bookings: You need to show the booking confirmation for your hotels at all locations of your stay for the application. Compile them in a single pdf document to make it easy to upload. Compress the file to the smallest size possible.
  3. Passport front page scan copy: You need to upload a scanned copy of the front page of your passport which contains your photo, credentials and the issue and expiry date of your passport. Make sure that the scan copy is not blurred and is of high quality.
  4. Photograph: You need to upload a recent photograph of yours for the application. Make sure it is taken within the past 6 months with a white background. Selfies and mobile photos may lead to rejection of your application. Below is the description for the detailed requirement.
  5. Work Permit: In case you are an NRI living abroad and your entry country is not India, you need to upload a copy of your work or residence permit (long term visa).
  6. Copy of Old Malaysian Visa: If you have been to Malaysia before, you are also required to share the old stamp/visa from your last visit
  7. Birth certificate: This is only applicable for eVisa for minors under the age of 14 years
Specification of photo for visa application
Specification of photo for visa application

Procedure For eNTRI Application


To start with, login to the official website for Malaysian visa here ( You will land on a similar page as below. Click on the bottom left button of ‘Malaysian Visa’ to proceed to the next page.

Click on Malayasia Visa option on the bottom left corner
Click on Malayasia Visa option on the bottom left corner


If you are applying for Malaysian visa online for the first time you need to register yourself on the page below by clicking on the option ‘I’m New, Apply’ which will take you to a registration form. If you have applied for an e-visa before, you can use your existing credentials.

Click on the ‘I’m New, Apply’ option
Click on the ‘I’m New, Apply’ option
Register yourself if you are a new user
Register yourself if you are a new user


Once you have finished and saved your registration, proceed to the next step of your visa application which will take you to the page as below. If you cannot find the blue button for ‘Apply eVisa’, just zoom out on the same page. Choose apply eVisa if you are an Indian, traveling for more than 30 days. If you are traveling for less than 15 days from India or you are an expat residing and working in Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia choose the option for eNTRI.

Click on one of the blue buttons (eNTRI or eVisa) to apply
Click on one of the blue buttons (eNTRI or eVisa) to apply


In case of applying for a 30-day eVisa, click on the ‘apply now’ option on the right-hand side in the next window and choose the option for a tourist visa to proceed to the final application form. Follow a similar process for eNTRI option as well.

click on the ‘Apply new option’
Choose the type of visa you want to apply as


Fill in the details for your visa application. Upload your flight details, hotel bookings, photo, and passport front page along with other details (if asked) and proceed to the next page of verification and payment.

Fill in the details for your visa application


Finish the payment and proceed to the completion page of your visa. You will get your e-visa in the next 2-7 days. Sometimes you may even the get eNTRI immediately in your account.

Note: In most cases, you will be notified in your email about your visa approval along with a link to download it. Although, in some cases, it may not and you should log in to your visa account on the official website to check manually the status of your application.

Sample of eNTRI visa type

Documents Required During Travel With eNTRI Or eVISA

You must carry the hard copy of the following documents while traveling to Malaysia since you can be asked to present it during the time of immigration:

  1. Original Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  2. A hard copy of eNTRI or eVISa
  3. Return tickets of your flight back or onwards from Malaysia
  4. Hotel accommodation reservations
  5. Bank statement with at least $1000 per person to sustain your trip
  6. Invitation letter from the host in case you are staying with friends or family

Although in most cases you will not be asked to show the above documents but in a rare case of request, you must carry these for convenience.

Do Indians Need A Transit Visa In Malaysia?

A transit visa is a visa which you need if your flight halts in Malaysia while connecting to a third destination. For Indian citizens, a transit visa is not required if your halt is for less than 120 hours or 5 days and you don’t plan to leave the airport premises.

What If You Want To Visit Malaysia For More Than 30 Days?

If you are applying for tourist eVsia, the maximum validity is 30 days. However, you can apply for extension in Malaysia. Otherwise, you need to exit the country and enter again with a renewed visa. Note that repeated entry in a short period of time may lead to questioning and cross-checking. Otherwise, apply for a long term visa if possible with a reference.

Long Term Malaysian Visa

You can opt to apply long term Malaysian visa through the physical process if you want to stay in Malaysia for a longer period of time visiting family or for business purpose. One can apply for a visa through VFS Malaysia Visa Application Centres in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune and, Ahmedabad.

Documents Required For Long Term Visa

A Visa without Reference is required for the purpose of a social visit. Documents required for the application of a Visa without Reference (approval of a visa is given by the High Commission of Malaysia) are:

  1. Original passport
  2. Applicant’s passport photocopies – Two (2) nos.
  3. Photocopies of the visa application form (Form IMM.47) – Two (2) nos.
  4. Two (2) passport size photographs of the applicant
  5. Original and two (2) photocopies of the ticket (confirmed and returned ticket)
  6. Bank statement/travelers’ cheque
  7. Invitation letter (if any)
  8. Payment of visa fee

Documents which are required for the application of a Visa with Reference (visa will be issued after the application is being referred and approved by the Department of Immigration Malaysia / Other Agencies of Authority):

  1. Original approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia/other authority agencies
  2. Original passport
  3. Applicant’s passport photocopies – Two (2) nos.
    Photocopies of the visa application form (Form IMM.47) – Two (2) nos.
    Two (2) passport size photographs of the applicant
  4. Original and two (2) photocopies of an air ticket
  5. Payment of visa fee

Visa With Reference is required for students, those seeking employment, dependants and, professionals on a visit pass.

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You need to carry the same set of documents while traveling to Malaysia as for eVisa in case of a request. Note that the above document requirement are subject to change and you should check with your nearest vfs office for any other requirements.

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